Speed Watch Group

Are you worried and concerned about the speeding through the village of White Roding? Would you be interested in contacting like minded people to set up and run a White Roding Speed Watch Group?

If enough people show an interest (at least 12) and a group formed, the Police will then be contacted to provide all equipment and offer full training. 

As this group will be completely independent of the Parish Council, initially the Parish Clerk will collate and share the contact details (with the residents' permission) between any interested White Roding residents who will then be fully responsible for organising and running the Speed Watch Group.

If you are interested please contact the Parish Clerk.

2016 Speed Survey

After many years of the Parish Council seeking an acknowledgement that there are speeding issues on the A1060 through the village of White Roding, Essex County Council (ECC) Highways conducted speed surveys which showed that the majority of the road traffic passing through the village is exceeding speed limits.  

Below is an extract from an email received from ECC Highways and the two Speed Surveys

"Please find attached the results of two speed surveys recently undertaken in White Roding.  The results indicate that the majority of traffic is exceeding the 30mph speed limit.  I have processed this through to the formal validation stage as the site would meet the criteria for VAS signs but also to ascertain if other traffic calming measures would be appropriate.  I will keep you advised of the outcome of the validation."

Speed Survey October 2016 (location 1)   Speed Survey October 2016 (location 2)

A further communication from Essex Highways concerning Speeding Issues in White Roding received 3 April 2017:

"With regard to the speeding concerns through the village the validation process identified that the size and positioning of the existing speed related signage was not sufficient to provide a clear indication to traffic of the limit. In the first instance the signage will be addressed and then dependant on the success of this then the site will be subject to further surveys and if they still indicate a speeding problem then we can explore other possibilities such as VAS signs in the future."