Road Resurfacing Great Dunmow

Email from Cllr Susan Barker  Essex County Council received 6October 2020


Dear Residents

Today I met Highways and Dunmow Town Council Premises manager this morning to discuss roadworks in Dunmow and would like you to have the latest update.

This Friday, 9th Octobe,r resurfacing will start in Great Dunmow. Starting at the Hoblongs junction with the B1008 work will proceed over the course of around 4 weeks along Chelmsford Road, moving to the stretch of Ongar Road between the Kicking Dickey Roundabout and the Nursery Rise roundabout, then up to and along the High Street , into Stortford Road to the Queen Vic roundabout. The work will be done in a number of phases with each phase being completed before moving on to the next.

Unfortunately this will mean a number of road closures but these will be overnight between 8.30 p.m. and 5 a.m. Monday to Friday with no working on Saturday and Sunday nights. Exact dates and times of work will depend on weather conditions and closures will be on road signs


There will be extensive leafletting, as per attached, of affected properties and businesses and diversion routes will be signposted.  

The closure of the Ongar Road will cause traffic to use routes through Barnston, High Easter and  High Roding and is planned for 3 nights next week. I did ask whether it was possible for traffic lights with 2 way working was possible but it is not in this case. As the closure is overnight there should not be too much.  

Many issues such as ensuring access/ egress for both the Ambulance Station and Fire Station, for arrangements for Take Away food retailers, parking up of vehicles during the day, access being made available to New Street residents through Haslers Lane etc.  As much of the route falls within a Conservation area new yellow road lines will be narrower and slightly paler than the standard.

I was very impressed by the thoroughness of the Highways officer in charge and although there will some disruption the finished result will be worth it.

Susan Barker

Cabinet Member  Customer, Corporate, Culture and Communites

Member for Great Dunmow Division

Chairman Essex Pension Fund and Vice Chairman ACCESS Pool

Member for High Easter and the Rodings. Uttlesford District Council

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Date of notice: 
Tuesday, 6 October 2020