Covid-19 Update

Covid -19 Update Issue 14


Claim for your employee’s wages through the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme

Find out if you’re eligible and how much you can claim to cover wages for employees on temporary leave (“furlough”) due to coronavirus (COVID-19).


NALC has updated its dedicated webpage on the coronavirus. This includes allotments, HR issues, national events and celebrations, updates on engaging with the government and the Public Works Loan Board

On 26 March, the government produced information on how to help people safely

Public Health England has also produced a range of material to support the Stay Home, Save Lives' campaign which is free to download and use

NHS England has launched a national volunteer initiative which you can share with your residents

The British Red Cross also has a number of volunteer schemes to help communities in emergency situations

Many Local Councils were planning to get involved in national events and celebrations such as Great British Spring Clean and VE Day 75, these have been postponed


DUE TO SELF-ISOLATION, VULNERABLE PEOPLE IN LOCAL COMMUNITIES MAY NEED YOUR HELP. If you would like to help your community in their time of need, we want to help you. Many local communities are forming groups of volunteers and have already set up support lines for vulnerable or isolated people to call - lines are staffed by local volunteers (AKA local heroes).


COUNCILS TO HAVE DISCRETION ON WHETHER TO INCLUDE PLANNERS AS KEY WORKERS Individual councils will have leeway to make decisions about whether planners will be counted as key workers during the ongoing coronavirus emergency, with some authorities redeploying planners to support frontline efforts to battle the spread of Covid-19.


CYBERCRIMINALS EXPLOIT THE SPREAD OF CORONAVIRUS Microshade VSM works in close co-operation with cybersecurity experts to ensure the safety of local (parish and town) councils’ data. We wish to share this information with the sector that has given to us.


The Government has published guidance for employers on advising their staff about Coronavirus, as well as new guidance for professionals who may be involved in advising or providing treatment for Coronavirus to the general public


Please note all new government guidance is available on our website


Date of notice: 
Monday, 30 March 2020